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What are the commonly used batteries for AGV cars?

AGVs are often powered by 24V or 48V DC industrial batteries. The battery power supply should reach the rated ampere-hour value. Generally, it should ensure the working needs of more than 8h.

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Electric stacker battery charging considerations

Electric stacker battery charging considerations

How to manage the battery in the forklift?

For a long time, the forklift truck is not used. Why is the battery current lost?

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Fast charging method of battery

The method is characterized in that the battery is charged by a pulse charging current with a constant current amplitude and a constant period

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Lead-acid battery safety precautions and storage instructions

There is strong corrosive sulfuric acid in the battery. Keep away from children. Please take protective measures when installing and inspecting. If acid splashes on the skin or clothes, please rinse it with plenty of water immediately. If it is serious, please send it to the hospital for treatment immediately.

Electric forklift battery repair work list

For example, reducing the amount of lead, the balance of each cell in the battery pack is poor; poor balance will lead to a sharp decline in the life of the entire battery.

About battery forklift charging battery cover to open the problem

The forklift battery generates a chemical reaction during charging. The higher the charging current, the more intense the chemical reaction. Generally,

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What are the effects of the individuality of the forklift battery?

The forklift battery is a traction battery. It is used in series with multiple 2V units. The difference in capacity and consistency of the unit determines the subsequent discharge and charge acceptance of the entire battery.

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