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     Berans power mall is a electric forklift accessories pioneering platform, located in the beautiful city of Guangzhou, building a platform, to solve the user to replace the forklift battery group is a major problem, the traditional measure, take pictures, provide models and capacity ratio in details, on the platform at a glance. Allow users to buy the rest assured, comfortable using.

Berans mall as the import goods guarantee platform, annual investment of tens of millions of operations, ensure forklift battery capacity standards, the process of development, with a number of domestic and foreign battery research institutions cooperation, design and development of absorbing advanced technology in the world, and continues to expand the scale of future changes in the Forum of new energy forklift market pattern will have far-reaching the establishment of shell effects, mall marking lens, tractor battery brand official title, has important strategic significance for the promotion of domestic and foreign electric forklift trucks, electric cars and other industrial R & D capabilities.

Berans power mall pursues the value concept of customer first, integrity, team, innovation and passion, and expects to be the most trustworthy enterprise in the industry.